6 Tips To Trick Out YouTube For Small Business Success

In today’s article from around the web we visit Inc.com where author Timothy Carter discusses 6 tips to use with YouTube for your small business. As always, read, comment, share and enjoy!

YouTube has surpassed Yahoo! as the second largest search engine, now boasting more than 20 billion regular viewers. In the U.S., the average visitor goes to YouTube 23 times each month, spending an average of 26 minutes there each time. This is a powerful marketing tool if you know how to tap into it.

1. Create Your Own Channel

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Single videos will never give you the marketing performance a YouTube channel can offer. Take the time to set up your own YouTube channel, and fill it with several high quality videos before you start promoting it. You don’t want users to view your channel prematurely and determine there isn’t much to see there. After you’ve got a solid body of work to show off, then begin promoting your channel on other social networking sites or through paid advertisement.

2. Thoroughly Plan Your Videos

Before you shoot each video, take the time to carefully script it. Invest in good equipment so you can produce quality work that people will enjoy watching and sharing. Don’t just depend on funny material, incorporate all the emotions you can. Make people cry, get angry, laugh, and really feel something. If possible, budget for a professional videographer to create the videos.

3. Choose Titles Carefully

There are so many videos out there competing for “funniest,” “strangest,” or the ”best” of everything. Create unusual titles that show your videos aren’t just one of the many claiming superlatives that the material doesn’t support. Craft short titles that convey the point quickly and precisely. Look for titles that haven’t been used before and avoid titles that sound like all the rest.

4. Choose Keywords Carefully

Instead of slapping down the most obvious keywords, think outside the box. Take the time to find what keywords people are actually searching for instead of guessing. YouTube provides a keyword suggestion tool which is very useful in finding out what words people are searching when they look for videos related to yours.

5. Use Overlay Ads

Overlay ads are the best way to draw the traffic you get on YouTube back to your website where they can make a purchasing decision. The overlay ad sits discreetly at the bottom of your video, so it doesn’t detract from the viewer’s experience. This gives you the best bang for your advertising buck.

6. Monitor User Feedback

When you’re tricking out your YouTube channel, nothing is more vital than user feedback. Bear in mind, everyone’s got an opinion and people online tend to spout negative opinions like Niagara Falls. Don’t take every criticism to heart, but definitely look for trends in the comments that you might use to better develop your efforts. When you get positive comments, identify what the person liked so you can recreate something similar in your next efforts.

The key to YouTube success is getting a response from your viewers. If they’re going to hit the Share button, it’s because you made them feel something they want to pass along to others. Teach them, make them mad, make them sad, or make them laugh. But whatever you do, make sure they feel it strongly enough to pass it along to their friends.

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