Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

In today’s article from around the web we visit B2C where author Brittany Berger discusses why mobile apps are stating to become essential for most businesses. As always, read, comment, share and enjoy!

There’s no doubt that having a mobile presence is no longer an option. Signs everywhere point to its growing importance. Mobile search should surpass desktop search this year. Seventy percent of marketers are increasing their mobile budgets. I could go on and on with more convincing numbers, but I’ll spare you.

Choose a marketing sign, and it’s probably pointing towards mobile.

Those smartphone users are growing accustomed to being able to find the information they need whenever they want, wherever they want. Because some of these people will be your customers or potential customers, you need to be on mobile in some capacity. But how?

A lot of companies struggle with whether it’s better to have a mobile app, a mobile website, or both. But really, it depends on the purpose of your business, the nature of your customer, and a lot of other factors. Some businesses will be best off with a functional mobile website, some will make more sense as a standalone app, and some businesses will have both.

As always, we want to help. There are a lot of things to consider before developing a mobile app, but you can start by asking a few questions.

Questions to ask before developing a mobile app for your business:

What information would you put in your mobile app?

Mobile apps should supplement your website and mobile website, not try to replace it. If you just want a quick way for your users or customers to see the information on your website, create a great mobile website. An app should have the features and information found on your website, and then some. There needs to be a reason to use the app. Did you know that about 80% of apps are downloaded less than 1,000 times? You don’t want to develop an app unless you know a lot of people will want and need it.

Do customers need this information on the go?

Look at the content on your website. How much of this information would be more helpful while your customer is say, at the mall, than it would be in the comfort of their home? People do still use computers while at home. Think about where your audience would most likely be looking up your information. Perhaps no matter how often your customers use mobile, that’s not what they’re using to find you. In this case, the time and money spent on a mobile app may not be necessary, but you should still have a functional mobile website.

How frequently will your customers use it?

It’s important to consider how often customers will want to use your app. Space on people’s phones – both in the hardware and on their home screen – is precious, and many don’t want to download an app they won’t use frequently. If they only need information from your company while on the go every now and then, they may rather check your mobile website.

So tell us, does your company have a mobile app? What factors brought you to the decision to develop one?

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