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How Unsecured Business Loans for Doctors Are Used

There’s this perception that every medical practice in the world is flush with cash. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Doctors routinely run into cash flow problems for a variety of reasons. Expenses can pile up. Sales cycles can keep expanding. Customers can be slow to pay. Insurers can keep negotiating for lower rates. The economy could force folks to second guess whether they really need to go to the doctor in the first place. The list goes on and on.

From time to time, just like all other business owners, many doctors have to scramble to find money to keep their doors open, stay in good favor with suppliers, and grow their practices.

These funds can come from a variety of places. Doctors can apply for small business loans through traditional financial institutions. They can reach out to the Small Business Administration to see whether there are any grants available. They can consult business partners to see whether those folks would like to make further investments in their practices.

Instead of spending a lot of time applying for loans or giving up even more ownership of their practices, doctors can utilize unsecured business loans, an alternative form of financing. The approval process for these kinds of loans is incredibly quick, meaning doctors can get their hands on money within a few business days—which sure beats waiting for what seems like forever for traditional loans to come through.

With the funds that come from unsecured business loans, doctors can:

1. Open additional locations.

When business is going well and the front desk is forced to schedule appointments months in advance, it might be time for a doctor to expand his or her offerings by opening up an additional location. On top of being able to appeal to a wider customer base, opening another location can also provide patients with better experiences because they won’t have to wait as long to see their doctor. If you need funds to help cover some costs associated with opening a new location, you can find them in unsecured business loans.

2. Buy another practice.

Sometimes, instead of opening another location on your own, it might make sense to buy another practice outright. For example, a nearby doctor who you have a good relationship with might be retiring. If your practices overlap and you think the other business’ financials are in good shape, you can use an unsecured business loan to help with any unforeseen costs you may incur as a result of the purchase.

3. Invest in new medical equipment.

In order to give patients the caliber of care they deserve, doctors need to have access to the latest and greatest medical equipment and tools. Sometimes, doctors will need to buy new equipment outright. Other times, something might break, and they’ll need to replace it. Depending on what you have your eye on, this new equipment can be incredibly pricey. But it’s an investment you need to nonetheless make. Unsecured business loans give you the money you need to absorb these costs.

4.Boost employees’ salaries.

Want your best workers to stick around? Boost their pay. Believe it or not, nearly 25% of employees would take a job somewhere else if it came with a 10% raise. That being the case, doctors would be wise to make sure they’re paying the members of their staff competitively. In doing so, they can rest comfortably knowing they can rely on their best employees for the foreseeable future. If you need a bit of help to cover the costs of these pay increases in the near term, turn to an unsecured business loan.

5.Pay legal fees.

Medical services, lawyers, and lawsuits seem to go hand-in-hand. Such is life. From time to time, doctors may need cash to cover unforeseen legal expenses that accrue. When you need funding fast, there’s perhaps no better financial vehicle than an unsecured business loan.

Doctors aren’t immune from cash flow problems. Just like any other business, money can get pretty tight at a medical practice—and quickly.

Luckily, when their practices’ bank accounts are dwindling, doctors can use unsecured business loans to provide the cash infusion their businesses need. The end result? A more versatile business that’s ready to provide even better care for its patients.

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