Is Google+ Worthwhile For B2B Social Media Marketing?

In today’s article from around the web we visit B2C where author Taylor Krentz discusses whether the Google Plus social network is worth the time to network on. As always, read, comment, share and enjoy!

In February 2012, it was reported thgoogle plus logoat an average Google+ user is on the site for about 3 minutes a month, this is compared to 6 or 7 HOURS on Facebook. Google+ had 90 million users. Compare this to Facebook’s 850 million users and you have to wonder, why would anyone choose to use Google+ over Facebook?

The majority of Google+ users are male, about 67 percent, and more than 20 percent of all users are students. Software engineers and consultants are the next largest professions, but they account for less than 4 percent of all users.

The Google+ user with the most followers is Britney Spears with 4.1 million followers.

These statistics made me think that maybe the only people using Google+ are students who want to find out what celebrities are up to, but don’t know how to use Twitter. Let’s dive deeper into the world of Google+ and figure out why people use it now and if it would benefit you and your B2B in the future for your social media marketing efforts.

Right now, based on the statistics I’ve shared with you and other data being reported, Google+ is not as powerful as Facebook or even Twitter. Yet, it was the fastest social media network to reach 50 million users. For now, it appears to be growing, though engagement is limited.

While it does not have the critical mass of Facebook, Google+ has potential, though as one article states, there’s not much for businesses to do on it quite yet.

But you can’t afford to ignore it either.

Google+ is a Google product and there are clearly search benefits to having a presence. Google has placed importance on the way Google+ activity appears in organic search results and its impact on SEO.

Additionally, attributes such as circles can be a great asset for small businesses, allowing them to create tight segments of followers for highly targeted messages. With YouTube a part of the Google family, Google+ integration is clearly part of the overall integration. Videos are some of the most shared content on the web, and Google+ and the +1 button make sharing and recommending content even easier.

It’s clear Google+ has great potential for social media marketing. At the moment, it’s still maturing. While it may never reach the size of Facebook, it’s long term possibilities, and its relevance to search, will no doubt mean that Google+ will find its way into more marketers’ social media mix going forward.

Have you used Google+ for your B2B? Has it been successful? Share any stories or tips below!


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