Why Press Releases are Effective for SEO

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Press releases are often perceived as a tool used only for significant industry events and large business releases, but they can actually be an effective SEO tool for a small business website or blog when used correctly. You don’t need to be a major company to make a release that generates backlinks and gets your keywords ranked in Google News, all you need to do is start a promotion, release a report, publish a video, or anything else that’s newsworthy.

How Press Releases generate backlinks

The online press release cycle has a significant benefit to SEO and is capable of generating a lot of authoritative backlinks and driving tons of traffic. When press releases are distributed properly (using a service or agency), many news sites across the web will publish them along with any links included with them. This opens up an opportunity for website owners to get tons of backlinks if they use press releases wisely. Keywords, as usual, play an important role in this process. Your release should target a specific set of profitable keywords that you can capitalize on, as your article will have a chance of ranking for them. Don’t use the keyword in your anchor text, after Google’s Penguin update this is easily detected and often results in the devaluing of these links. Instead, place keywords where you would for a standard web article: the title, the first paragraph, and throughout the rest of the content, especially in subheadings. Try to vary keyword usage and don’t make it obvious what you’re doing.

Getting the most out of a Press Release

Getting a press release published to as many places as possible is your ultimate goal, so it’s crucial to take the time to produce a release that websites will want to use. The subject matter is of course one the most important factors, you need to have a topic that’s worth 250-400 words of news style writing that doesn’t sound like an overt advertising pitch. Speaking of news style, remember to stay away from using the word ‘you’- it is considered marketing language and not something a journalist would use. If you’re having trouble coming up with something to write a press release about, take a moment to analyze your website or blog, it’s topic, and your relationship to your audience. If you blog about video games then you might publish a press release after reviewing a newly released game or interviewing someone in the industry. Ecommerce sites often publish releases for new products and sales, blogs may release them for featured articles and especially in-depth content, especially when an interview is involved.

Distributing press releases

In order to properly distribute a press release, you’ll need to either use a free service or a paid solution- a paid service may increase distribution substantially but you’ll need to weigh that against the extra cost, which can be high for some services. A few recommended providers are PRWeb and PRlog.

Are you using press releases effectively for your small business? Share your small biz diamonds in the comments section below.

Vadim Kirichenko works with Wisdek a PPC and SEO services company. He doesn’t like using press releases for all his clients but has often used them successfully for some of them.

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