Why Your Business Should Be Using Pinterest

In today’s article from around the web we visit Inc.com where author Timothy Carter explores why your business should be using Pinterest. As always, read, comment, share and enjoy!

Pinterest is more than just a way for people to share photos with each other. It’s also a burgeoning social media platform that businesses can use to attract more customers. If you’re not using Pinterest yet, consider these five reasons why you should start.

Use Pinterest to Make How-to Pages

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Today’s businesses thrive by giving their customers excellent services. That’s not always easy to do when you rely on social media. Yes, these websites connect people and businesses, but they can feel impersonal.

Pinterest will let you create pictorial how-to lists that show customers inventive ways to use your products. If you run a garden supply store, use Pinterest to show customers how they can use tomato cages, rebar, and flowers to construct interesting yard decorations.

If you own a shop that sells ties, use Pinterest to show people how to tie a variety of obscure knots.

You can take this in any direction to engage customers.

Increase Your Site’s Inbound Links

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Pinterest does more than post an image. It includes a link that goes back to the source image. That makes it easy for you to increase your website’s inbound links.

Those inbound links can grow quickly. You can post them to your own board to create a baseline of inbound links. As other people discover and re-pin your images, though, they create even more links.

Few social media sites have made it so easy for websites to get higher search engine rankings. The more interest your pictures get, the more traffic your website will get.

Pinterest Has a Lot of Active Users

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By the end of 2013′s first quarter, Pinterest boated 48.7 million users. Now, you might scoff because you know that Facebook has 1.11 billion users, but there’s more to the story than the current numbers.

Mark Zuckerburg launched Facebook at the beginning of 2004. That’s over nine years ago. Pinterest has only been around since 2010. That’s three years.

If Pinterest continues to grow at its current rate, then it could quickly become one of the leading social media sites on the Internet.

Your Employees Can Make Pinterest Boards

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If you still have a local bookstore or record shop in your town, then it probably has a shelf dedicated to staff picks. That’s always been an easy way to encourage customers to pick up great products that they haven’t seen before.

You can essentially do the same thing with Pinterest. By asking your employees to create Pinterest boards, they can show off some of their favorite products.

This makes it easier for potential customers to find excellent buys and expand their horizons by trying new things.

Learn What Interests Your Customers

 Image via Flickr by billolen

To some extent, you can look at your sales reports to determine what products customers like most. But that only shows completed sales. It doesn’t necessarily show you what potential customers are interested in.

With Pinterest, you can see what pictures people are posting. That way, you know they like the product even if they don’t have enough money to buy it. That could be a good reason to rebrand or rethink certain items to turn interest into sales.

What other unique ways has Pinterest helped your business?

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