Why Your Small Business Needs Enhanced Campaigns

In today’s article from around the web we visit B2C where author Sarah Beth Wiltse discusses why small businesses need to use Google AdWords new enhanced style campaigns . As always, read, comment, share and enjoy!

 Last month, Google’s release of Enhanced Campaigns created a new way for small businesses to optimize their ad campaigns, especially in regards to mobile. Enhanced Campaigns revolutionized the approach towards advertising for many companies, causing endless discussion among PPC marketers. Despite the frustrations that many marketers feel at the somewhat drastic changes, everyone is eventually going to have to upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns.

Since the shift is inevitable, small businesses would do well to start adapting now. In fact, Enhanced Campaigns is simplified in a way that makes it exponentially easier for small businesses to promote themselves on mobile devices. Whereas before you had to develop separate campaigns for each type of device, now your small business can concoct one awesome ad campaign that targets both mobile and desktop searchers.

What Changed?

One of the major updates in the Enhanced Campaigns tool is the merging of mobile and desktop campaigns. You can no longer separate your campaigns by device. This essentially means that device targeting is a thing of the past. For larger companies, this likely means a bigger adjustment, since all of their campaigns targeting various devices must be meshed together. However, small business that didn’t have the resources to invest in a mobile campaign are now able to automatically add a mobile option their desktop ad campaign.

With Enhanced Campaigns, ads are smarter. Small businesses don’t have to develop a system for targeting the right device, user, time, or location. The ads are designed to be automatically selected at the appropriate time. There are more bidding options in regards to location and device, as well as more refined controls over location targeting. All of these elements make it even easier for small businesses to run a successful ad campaign.

One final note about the new tools: new ad extensions are particularly useful if you are trying to capitalize on your new mobile ad campaign. Mobile campaigns can not take advantage of click to call extensions, offer extensions, and location extensions.

The Benefits

With the help of a more advanced conversion tracker that understands the different goals of mobile ads, small businesses have a clearer, simpler way to obtain and understand the ROI. Once Enhanced Campaigns demonstrates to you the ROI resulting from your mobile ad campaign, there are very few good reasons for your small business to shy away from a mobile campaign.

The changes to Enhanced Campaigns created a distinction between these two groups – those who are already using Google Analytics with a linked Adwords account and those who are not. Using the streamlined ad campaign tools offered by Enhanced Campaigns gives your small business an edge on the competition that is dragging its feet in regards to the change. If you take positive action now, you will be able to develop your skills in using the tool before your competitors are forced to adopt Enhanced Campaigns this summer.

Is your small business using Enhanced Campaigns? What changes have you noticed?

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