Yelp And Bing Local Search Won’t Kill Your Small Business

In this article by Forbes they discuss how yelp is now powering Bing’s local searches. This is great news because Yelp is great at fighting against spam and fake reviews so most often if you’re looking for something local, Bing & Yelp will make sure you find the best results. As always Read, Comment, Share and Enjoy!

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Yelp announced today that it is powering the Microsoft Bing local search results. This is a positive move for Yelp and for small business owners who have figured out how to use the service wisely.

  • Yelp had an average of approximately 71 million monthly unique visitors in Q1 2012
  • 6.3 million unique visitors used a Yelp mobile app
  • Every second a consumer looks up or calls a business from a Yelp mobile app (Q42011)
  • A photo was uploaded every 30 seconds from a Yelp mobile app
  • Yelpers have written over 27 million local reviews.
  • Over 40% of all Yelp searches come from their mobile apps. (Q4, 2011)

“Yelp will surface content including, review snippets, photos, business attributes, and more, to Bing users in the U.S. This content will be featured prominently on relevant Bing Local pages, presenting information to help consumers do more with businesses near them.”

Yelp is one of the dominant replacements to the colored pages directories of the world and the antiquated idea that people still use those books with yellow paper in them. Except as doorstops or firestarters. Businesses either love Yelp or hate it. Those who despise Yelp are often business owners that feel trampled upon by the customer. Some of those complaints are warranted, but to think that consumer review sites are going to disappear any time soon, or ever, is a mistake. How I titled this post is related to the last post I wrote that included Yelp brought in a rash of owners angry that consumers had written a negative review about their company and that the service was a scam. The service is far from a scam and one that I believe can help a young (or established) company find new customers.

As a marketing tool, many maker companies and small businesses are highly adept at leveraging new media tools, Yelp included. As mobile devices and local search continues to grow, we’ll see more entrepreneurial companies leap ahead of less nimble competitors who think Facebook, Yelp, or Google+ are fads.

Yelp is a resource that consumers have grown to trust and use daily. This isn’t just for restaurants, either. People use it to find local businesses and can see at a glance how others review that company. Lisa Barone at Small Business Trends (where I’m a product review editor) did a terrific post on its use and value for the SMB owner last year: Yelp Data Shows The Power of Mobile Marketing.

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