Your June Small Business Checklist

This article touches upon how it can get pretty slow during the summer and what to do in order to pick things up such as promotions etc. Also goes into things like motivating employees during this time. As always, read, comment, share and enjoy!

“Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind…”

Unfortunately for small businesses, this song wasn’t made to be taken literally, but that doesn’t mean a business can’t kick up its heels by putting in some perks for customers and employees alike amidst the BBQ holidays. Aside from the standard housekeeping notes I’ve included in this month’s edition of the checklist, you’ll find some creative ideas that will help your business and team avoid any chance of slowing down and keep spirits coasting high.

Create a Summer Friendly Discount (or Product)

I’m always tentative when I mention creating a product because seasonal items don’t always work out for every industry. Creating summer products also requires several months in advance of figuring out what said product is, the budget for everything involved if needed, a promotion and marketing plan, and much more. Plan ahead well in advance if you do decide to create an exclusive item for the summer.

In the meantime, offer a discount during the summer to entice more customers your way. Apparel websites are great about filling up your Outlook inbox with multiple savings throughout the week, but go beyond email and get imaginative. Post “secret” deals to Facebook fans which also serves as an excellent way to keep your brand’s fan page from growing stagnant. Take a page from the San Francisco based grilled cheese chain, The Melt, which occasionally offers new menu items to taste test for free – if you know the password, that is. Hint: they have a Facebook fan page

Check the Date!

If you have an annual report due, and aren’t already using a filing company to ensure that the paperwork has been filed, be aware of your report’s due date for filing in your state of incorporation or LLC formation.

Clean Out Your Inbox

Still spotting emails from Christmas 2011 floating at the bottom of your Outlook? Time to make some folders and file away your messages. For a true email pack rat, the folders mean you don’t necessarily have to delete anything, but you can at least keep your inbox as light and airy as the season.

Present the Opportunity for a Flexible Schedule

The kids are out of school, families want to get together for long weekends, cruise ships are offering vacation package deals, and friends want to go on road trips. If you aren’t careful, your office might start looking emptier than you expected, faster than expected. Work with your team to accommodate any time off requested (which should be placed as soon as possible) and present the opportunity to have a more flexible schedule created. And if your business and staff permits it, offer up the ultimate perk: working a four day workweek, with longer hours on Mondays through Thursdays and Fridays free.

Not quite the 4-hour workweek that Tim Ferriss envisioned, but still pretty tempting.

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