Frequently Asked Questions


Check out some of our most frequently asked questions & answers. If you’ve got any questions contact us!

By taking advantage of our network of lending resources we can find you the most reputable providers and best rates on financing for your business. After years of experience in the financing industry, we know where to quickly find our business owners the capital they need to achieve their business objectives. The best part about our service is that it is FREE for business owners!
Shortly after a request is made (usually within a few minutes), our system will expert match your request to up to 3 of the providers who can offer your business the best terms & lowest rates.
Once we have received a fully completed application it usually takes 24-48 hours. In some case even quicker!
The most convenient feature about our system is that the amount of paperwork needed to secure financing is minimal. In most cases a 1-2 page application and 3-6 months credit card statements is enough to get underwriting approval.
Once you’ve been approved you’ll typically be able to close & receive funding within a few business days.
No. Our options are weighted more toward aspects of the business rather than personal credit which leaves you free to use your personal credit the way you see fit. Additionally, our options also require NO Collateral in most cases.
Absolutely! Once your term is completed (or even before that in most cases!), our lenders will generally offer their clients cheaper rates the second time around. We value our clients and look forward to creating long term relationships! takes great pride in the safety of our client’s information. Our website is protected & encrypted by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and we adhere to strict & ethical privacy standards.

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